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“My name is Lattapon Injaroen, and you’ve taken the first step in getting more money from the download, stream and public performance of your compositions from around the world.”

Register your music

I will register your compositions with societies and digital stores around the world in 60+ countries.

Record your music

I will record your music at a concert, then mix and master in professional sound studios.

Sell your music

I will add your songs to our Licensing database for Music Supervisors for potential licensing in TV, Film, Commercials and more.

Register your compositions with these organizations

BMI Xbox Music Slacker Omnifone CricKet Myspace Music Rdio Amazon Music PlayNetwork Medianet Spotify Rhapsody 7 Digital MixRadio Tunewiki Touchtunes Musicnotes Touchtunes Google Play Youtube Canada- SOCAN/CMRRA UK- PRS/MCPS Ireland- PRS/MCPS Australia- APRA/AMCOS New Zealand- APRA/AMCOS Denmark- NCB/KODA Norway- NCB/KODA Sweden- NCB/KODA Finland- NCB/KODA
Estonia- NCB/KODA Latvia- NCB/KODA Lithuania- NCB/KODA Iceland- NCB/KODA Belgium- SABAM Netherlands- BUMA/STEMRA Luxembourg- SACEM/SDRM France- SACEM/SDRM Lebanon- SACEM/SDRM Italy- SIAE Spain- SGAE Portugal- SPA Germany- GEMA Austria- AKM/AUME Switzerland- SUISA Japan- JASRAC Poland- ZAIKS Hungary- ARTISJUS Romania- UCMR/ADA Bulgaria- MUSICAUTOR Czech Republic- OSA Slovakia- SOZA Croatia- HDS Serbia- SOKOJ Bosnia & Herzigovina- SQN Albania- ALBAAUTOR Kosovo- APIK Macedonia- ZAMP Slovenia- SAZAS

Recording Studio and Audio Production

Computer: 2 x Chimei skærme 1 x Apple mus 1 x Apple Tastatur 1 x Mac Pro 1 x Ilok USB Sound: 2 x Yamaha Monitors 2 x Mackie Monitors 1 x Command 8 1 x Big Knob 1 x Oxygen 8 Midi Key 1 x Focusrite ISA428 1 x SSL 1 x Focusrite Octopre 2 x Signex krydsfelter 9 x Patchkabler (Røde) 9 x Patchkabler (Lange) 15 x Patchkabler (Korte) 2 x Patchkabler (Convertere) 1 x Finalizer 1 x Vitalizer
2 x UREI Comps 1 x DBX 160A 1 x Behringer hovedtelefonforstærker 1 x 192 I/O 1 x Redbox Cables: 10 x 2m XLR 10 x 4m XLR 10 x 8m XLR 4 x Speakon -> Jack 5 x 230V Strøm (3plug) Microphones: 1 x Neumann 1 x D112 4 x e604 3 x SM57 2 x AKG 214 4 x Røde NT5 (2set) 4 x LDi2 5 x Headphones 1 x Pop filter

Sell your music in 150 online stores

iTunes YouTube Music Key Spotify Amazon Music Google Play Rdio (more info) Deezer (more info) Xbox Music (more info) Rhapsody (more info) eMusic (more info) Simfy Africa (more info) iHeartRadio (more info) MixRadio (more info) MediaNet (more info) VerveLife (more info) Tidal (more info) Saavn (more info)
Gracenote (more info) Shazam (more info) 7Digital (more info) Juke (more info) JB Hi-Fi (more info) Slacker (more info) Guvera (more info) KKBox (more info) Akazoo (more info) Anghami (more info) Spinlet (more info) Neurotic Media (more info) Yandex (more info) Target Music (more info) ClaroMusica (more info) (more info) Zvooq (more info) 8tracks (more info)

Monetize Tracks on YouTube

The tracks you create (compositions) create over 13 royalties each time they are downloaded, streamed, or carried out live. I will certainly register, license and pitch your songs. I will also make sure to  collect your royalties worldwide and also provide them to you.

More Stores, More Listeners, More Money

Worldwide access to digital music is growing every day. And our store partners continue to say, “send us more music!” So, let’s give them what they want. Don’t miss the chance to find new listeners, potential buyers of your music. We will addAdd New Stores the stores you may be missing like Amazon MP3, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, Gracenote and Shazam. A small price to pay for finding millions of new listeners.